dj byrd

Welcome to the Official Site of DJ Byrd. DJ Byrd is a beatmaker/producer from Cave City, Kentucky. DJ Byrd created this site as an outlet to give artists and companies a chance to lease or purchase beats, for original productions. Whether it is music, film, video games or commercials, or you are an aspiring artist or experienced professional, you will be able to find something here that you will like.

His musical styles include R&B, Rap, Rock and Pop instrumentals. Whether you are looking for your next track for your mixtape or hit single for your album, you can find that here. Please check out the beats page on It is just a small sample in the large collection of tracks that DJ Byrd has created. While most beats are instrumentals, some beats do contain a hook that is sold along with the beat. It is very easy to purchase beats from DJ Byrd, just follow the instructions located on the Beats page.

There are two purchase options for buying DJ Byrd beats. There is a leasing option and an exclusive option. The leasing option is cheaper, but there are limitations to using the beat. The exclusive option is more expensive, however, you will receive full rights to the track and it is available in fully tracked out wav files. These options are explained in more detail on the ?uestions (Questions) page located on the navigation bar.

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