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A Cave City, Kentucky native, DJ Byrd describes himself as a music fanatic, “I have been a lover of music since I got my first Boom Box at the age of five. I wouldn’t classify my love for music as to one specific genre. My motto is ‘if it sounds good, then I like it’. I just love good music.”

He realized this love for music when he began making remixes and mixtapes at the age of fifteen on his home stereo. He would take pieces of songs, chop and mix them together, to make a new song. These tapes were then given to friends and were passed on and duplicated by various people in the surrounding areas. The feedback received, was enough to get DJ Byrd addicted to ‘making music’ and only fueled the flame of learning more, and wanting real equipment.

The next stage in his obsession came a few years later when some turntables, a small sampler, and a drum machine were acquired. With new equipment at hand’s reach, he decided to take a shot at being the DJ at parties and began recording more original songs. “At first I would record over instrumentals and break beats. I would also sample and add some melody to the beats with a small Casio keyboard. Then later on I would create my own beats with the drum machine. The more I worked with music, the more I learned and my love grew stronger and stronger.” Thus the moniker “DJ Byrd” was born.

It was only natural that DJ Byrd would stumble across a few local rappers who lacked the type of production that DJ Byrd provided. The group was dubbed “The Most Hated Click”, and would work together for years to come. Countless hours were spent, recording over hundreds of songs and releasing three albums.

Time continued, as DJ Byrd produced countless tracks and was considered the local ‘premier’ DJ. However, he felt being a DJ occupied too much of his time. He wanted to pursue his goal of beatmaking/producing at a more focused angle. Enter DJ Byrd of today, who has continued to make beats and work with many local artists. His roots are still in Hip-Hop and R&B, but he has recently worked on some Rock and Blues tracks, explaining, “I love to try new things and look forward to expanding into different genres of musical creation. I love music and creating music. I will continue to do so as long as I have the ability.”

DJ Byrd has worked with many artists over the years. However, a few major names include: Big V of the Nappy Roots, Mr. Serv On, formerly of (the now defunct) No Limit Records, Bukshot of Mobstyle Music and many others. If you would like to hear some of the completed tracks and collaborations, please check out DJ Byrd’s MySpace and Reverbnation pages, available via the Links section of the website.

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